PermaFrost is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient refrigerant additive for cooling systems that improves the heat transfer of the system – lowering the energy requirements and the costs of running the system. PermaFrost is an advanced proprietary molecular technology that relies on highly activated thermo-conductive compounds.

PermaFrost improves the cooling process in two ways:

PermaFrost replaces natural oils with synthetic oils, reducing the oil buildup on the inside of the system’s coils and allowing the refrigerant to run through the system quicker and more efficiently
PermaFrost compounds adhere to the system’s coils by way of polarity, increasing the effectiveness and rate of heat transfer through the system

PermaFrost is designed to remove heat from metal surfaces, accelerate refrigerant flow, increase thermo-conductivity and transfer heat throughout the equipment. Its sophisticated molecular composition “passivates” and stabilizes all metal components throughout the system, allowing the refrigerant to absorb and dissipate heat at an accelerated rate. PermaFrost allows the unit to achieve set temperatures faster while drawing less energy, allowing the compressor, condenser and evaporator to perform at their utmost design efficiency. Energy reduction may vary from 10% to 40%, depending on the age and condition of the unit. In sealed systems, this one-time application lasts for the life of the compressor. Our proprietary application requires no down time of the equipment.

Measurable Benefits

  • Reduces KWHs by 10%-40% for overall energy cost savings of 10%-30%
  • Maximises Performance
  • Achieves Immediate Energy Savings
  • Zero Down-Time During Installation
  • No Mechanical Modification to HVAC System
  • Increased Comfort With Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Accelerates Heat Transfer and Thermo-Conductivity
  • Increases Lubricating Ability
  • Reduces Wear and Tear
  • Extends AC Compressor and HVAC Equipment Life
  • Quieter Equipment Operation
  • One-Time Application
  • Improves Seal Integrity and Protection
  • Accelerates Refrigerant Flow and Increases Capacity and Performance
To find out more about PermaFrost and how it can benefit your business please contact us.

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We have being using Artic Air in Londis Ballsgrove for the last three years for refrigeration installation, service and repairs and have recently taken over Londis Dublin Road where we have already had services from Artic Air. During this time there has been no problems only excellent service. We have had several emergencies where we needed somebody out as soon as possible and they were at the store within hours.

Ray Dolan, Proprietor

We commissioned Artic Air to supply and install a Frozen Food Cold Room, they also complete any service and maintenance which we require. We find that they supply an excellent service and their staff are extremely friendly and efficient. We would highly recommend them.

Dave Seaver

Artic Air are a great company to deal with. They are very professional in their work both for installation and maintenance. They are also very quick to deal with any issues that may arise and always complete any repairs to our total satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other organisation.

Ronan Traynor F.C.A., Managing Director

We had a small but difficult job to do which Artic Air installed successfully with no problems, they were very competitive, have professional and helpful staff who were very easy to deal with.

Tony Connolly, Managing Director

We have used the services of Artic Air for a number of years and have always found them to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service and would recommend them to any potential customer.

Aubrey Armstrong, Managing Director

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