Energy Mist is a simple, cost-effective method of improving the performance of air-cooled refrigeration and air-conditioning systems under peak ambient conditions when cooling capacity is often inadequate and energy usage is high. The addition of a Green Energy Mist system to existing cooling units will increase peak cooling capacity while reducing peak demand and energy usage.

Developed more than 25-years ago for a wide variety applications, Green Energy Mist is a mature, reliable, proven technology that can increase the life expectancy of cooling systems by allowing the condensers to reject more heat thereby lowering head pressures.

Condenser Performance on Hot Summer Days

Air-cooled refrigeration and air-conditioning systems perform at their very worst at the exact time when they are most needed. On hot summer days, the same system that produces 95 tons of cooling when the ambient temperature is 85F°/29°C, produces just 82 tons at 115°F/46°C. That equates to a 14% reduction in capacity. Over this same temperature range, the power draw increases by 31%!

As ambient temperatures rise, air-cooled systems find it increasingly difficult to reject heat. As a result, cooling capacity falls, systems must run longer to reject the same amount of heat, and compressors draw considerably more power when they run. This combination of increased run time, increased power draw, and reduced cooling capacity translates to lower efficiencies under peak ambient conditions.

Historically, technicians have resorted to placing water sprinklers under condensers to increase cooling capacity. While this does indeed work at some level, uncontrolled water flow can cause water and sewerage costs to rise and result in roof leaks.

To improve on this practice, Miatech developed Green Energy Mist – a cost-effective method of improving the performance of air-cooled air conditioning and refrigeration systems without the negative effects associated with sprinkling water on condensers.

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Artic Air are a great company to deal with. They are very professional in their work both for installation and maintenance. They are also very quick to deal with any issues that may arise and always complete any repairs to our total satisfaction. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other organisation.

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We had a small but difficult job to do which Artic Air installed successfully with no problems, they were very competitive, have professional and helpful staff who were very easy to deal with.

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We have used the services of Artic Air for a number of years and have always found them to provide a fast, efficient and friendly service and would recommend them to any potential customer.

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